SLR Photography Tips – 4 Secret Tips From a Professional

Having used a single lens reflex (SLR) camera for well over a decade, one of the best advantages that the camera gives a photographer is the huge amount of control he or she has over the various picture settings, including: shutter speeds, ISO settings and the aperture. Another, is of course, that you’re not restricted to using just one lens like most standard digital cameras. Due to a lot of SLR cameras becoming increasingly more affordable, it’s popularity has risen sharply in recent years and because of this, the SLR camera is drawing much attention. This article will explore a handful of my top SLR photography tips learnt from numerous years appreciating the art.Play Around with the Camera Settings: People who are new to the SLR camera tend to neglect this important step to the detriment of their photo’s. Learn to use each of the settings effectively, play around with the ISO settings and alter the shutter speeds. Just ensure you have a solid understanding of the different picture settings an SLR camera has to offer.Look After Your Lens: The same goes for each and every other part of the camera. Although lenses should be given special care and attention since they are so easily scratched and can be rather expensive to replace. Try to avoid changing your lens’ outside, especially when it’s windy. Trying to remove dust from a camera sensor is not easy and it’s definitely not fun.Follow the ‘Rule of Thirds’: The ‘Rule of Thirds’ is a compositional rule of thumb followed by countless photographers across the world. When capturing a photo, try to imagine dividing the image by two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines. The rule is then applied by aligning a subject of the photo or even the horizon on one of these lines (for example: third the way up). This always seems to add a valuable sense of energy and tension to the photograph.When Photographing Moving Objects, Keep Both Eyes Open: Whether you’re taking photographs of fast moving animals or even a sports event, keeping both of yours eyes open will dramatically increase your field of vision, making it less of a risk that you’ll miss something exciting that’s happening just outside of the viewfinder.With any luck, these SLR photography tips will have helped boost your confidence and no doubt will improve the photos you take with your SLR camera.

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