Top Oregon Home Insurance Companies Reviewed

Having top Oregon home insurance companies reviewed is a great asset for those from the Beaver State who are looking for homeowners insurance. You will learn who the best Oregon homeowners insurance companies are in regards to their independent insurance ratings and confirmed customer complaints, which tend to be a good indicator of service. By using this information, you can be assured of choosing one of the companies that reviewed well.SF Homeowners Insurance Of OregonSF Fire and Casualty Company is the biggest home insurance company in the state of Oregon. Compared to its portion of the market, it had a complaint index of only 0.59. Out of 23 companies, it was rated number 9 in 2007, with all the companies who had better rankings being tiny in comparison. A.M. Best, one of the leading independent insurance rating companies, gives SF an A+ ranking, which means that it is considered financially stable.Farmers Oregon Homeowners Insurance CompanyFarmers Insurance Company of Oregon had a complaint index of 1.30 and ranked 18th in Oregon. The financial strength rating of the company was A with A.M. Best, meaning that it is stable.Allstate Oregon Homeowners Insurance CompanyAllstate Insurance Company had a complaint index of 1.54 and ranked 20th. In regards to financial stability, A.M. Best rates Allstate as A+, which indicates that it is also stable.American Family Auto Insurance Company Of OregonAmerican Family Mutual Insurance Company had a complaint index of 0.79 and ranked 11th in 2007 in Oregon’s listing of insurance companies according to their complaint index. A.M. Best also rated American Family an A in financial stability.Compare The Best Oregon Homeowners Insurance CompaniesNow that you are familiar with how top Oregon home insurance companies reviewed in terms of different factors, you are ready to shop around for quotes. You can get a variety of quotes from top Oregon insurers quickly and easily by using a free online quote tool. Compare at least 5 different insurance companies in order to find the best Oregon homeowners insurance for your particular needs. No one insurer is right for every person so shopping around is crucial.You could travel all around town and meet with different agents and representatives in person one after another or you could even begin a marathon phone calling session to gather quotes from many different companies but who wants to go through all of that? Let the Internet speed along the process and you can relax and maybe even enjoy the shopping process. Why not see how much money you can save today?

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